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The massive worldwide demonstrations planned for the 5th of November by supporters and members of the hacktivist group Anonymous, as well as those of WikiLeaks, the Pirate Party, the Occupy Movement and anyone seeking social justice, will be kicking off very soon. The main event in Washington, DC begins at 9 AM local time at the Washington Monument. There have been people behind the scenes attempting to discredit the peaceful activists who obtained a permit for the event and are planning to meet peacefully, a topic we talked about with the chief organizer for the event and an Anonymous supporter, Christine Ann Sands. She revealed that certain provocateurs have gone so far in their attempt to cause a violent clash with the authorities that they are calling for what can only be described taking the President of the United States Barack Obama, hostage.

This is John Robles. I am speaking with Christine Ann Sands. She is the manager and domain owner of and a supporter of the Anonymous hacktivist collective, the Occupy movement, WikiLeaks and the Pirate Party.

Robles: Hello, Christine, how are you?

Sands: I am very well. How are you today?

Robles: I am very well as well. Thank you for speaking with me again. Can you give our audience a few updates about what’s been going on in the planning of the Million Masks March? There have some, kind of interesting developments going on.

Sands: Yes. Well, at first, I would just like to say that there are over 400 worldwide locations, so it’s very exciting, there is a lot of unity, a lot of excitement. We are looking forward to thing, it’s right around the corner.

There’s been a little bit of confusion with regard to Washington D.C. As we are getting closer, things are becoming crystal clear.

There is a couple of different paths that people are taking. You know that since we said that Anonymous is a movement and not an organization, we don’t have to think the same way as everybody thinks.

There’ve been two movements in Washington. One has been led by John Anthony Fairhurst, and the other one has been kind of shepherding, we don’t like to use the word ‘leading’ in our movement, but shepherding. It started, and everybody was going to meet at the Washington Monument. The we found that there was no permit for the monument and we found that there was an athletic event going on.

So I decided that I didn’t want to have people, innocent Anons, crash that athletic event. It made no sense to lead Anons right into the arms of law enforcement and have a problem. So I decided I’d get a different permit at the Lincoln Memorial.

Then it turns out that the athletic event cancelled and so the National Park Service asked me if I wanted to have that permit for the Washington National Monument. And I said, of course, yes. So that’s what I have is the permit for the Washington Monument.

Everyone is going to meet at the Washington Monument. The danger of a clash of events has been lifted. It is no more, it’s just going to be all Million Mask March people.

Robles: I am sorry. Can you tell me, did the coverage you had received on the Voice of Russia, did that help, do you think, to change that permit situation?

Sands: Well, I had heard that there has been a great debate within the Anonymous movement, because some people say that the permits are good, and some people say they are completely unnecessary.

So instead of looking at this, you know, as a bad division, what we should do is to look at the good of it, which is: it is okay to agree to disagree. But it is known there is no leader. So why should everybody think that there is only way this is going to be done?

Isn’t that what we are fighting against? That there is one way, my way, and that’s the only way? No! Let us agree to disagree, and have that be fine and OK! And I mean that should really be the underlying thought process Anonymous agree to disagree, and that’s OK!

So, the people who want a permit, go to where the permit is, and the people who don’t, don’t. When I said that things are beginning to crystallize as the event is coming around the corner. There is a couple of new websites popping up. And you can see, you can access to them if you go to, and you will see the same John Fairhurst doesn’t want a permit at the Monument, or didn’t think it was necessary.

What they are doing now is that there are a couple of websites up, and they are looking to march from the Monument, and they’re… I can paraphrase, but let me pull them up, they are saying: “On November 5th, we the people will march on Washington, DC peacefully and unarmed to arrest all members of Congress, the President and all Supreme Court Justices, where they will be held without bond until a full independent investigation and trial have been completed.”

So they are pretty much talking about, in my eyes, taking the President of the United States hostage, this is the same guy, Fairhurst and his group who didn’t think the permit was necessary and wanted to go ahead and crash the athletic event.

Robles: So you are saying that, first, these certain people, whoever they are, that they were first trying to promote and organize a violent clash between Anons and police, and now they are actually publishing that they want to take the president hostage? That sounds outrageous, well, you know…

Sands: The only thing is that they did not admit that their wanting to crash the athletic event at the Monument, they didn’t admit that that was violent but the odd thing was that their biggest promoter Justin Eric King… he wrote this big article which is one of the reasons why I started researching the permit issue to begin with. His article comes and says: “Anonymous is bracing for police violence”.

And said to myself: “Well, of course they are bracing for police violence, they are trying to crash an athletic event!”

It’s a no-brainer, crash an athletic event = police violence. So we found out Justin King wasn’t a journalist and we found out the Fairhurst never cared about the permit, he never cared about respecting the athletic event and by the grace of God that athletic event got cancelled.

He is still going to show up there. He was saying at 8 o’clock, I’m telling my people 9 o’clock at the Monument and he is telling his people 8 o’clock and they are going to march right over to Lafayette without a permit.

So there is no telling what is going to happen with that march in and of itself.

Then he is putting out these words about taking the Congress, Supreme Justices and the President, he doesn’t use the word hostage, but that’s exactly what it is !!!

Sorry, I’m kind of exited.

They are saying: “We are going to arrest all members of the Congress, the President and all Supreme Court Justices where they will be held without bond until a full independent investigation and trial have been completed.”

They want to take the President hostage. But, excuse me, you are not speaking on behalf of all the Anonymous, John Fairhurst.

Robles: So he is trying to say that this is an official Anonymous, like, operation but it’s not!

Sands: I would say that because of his behavior, because… I went way out of my way to try to make peace with these people. For what?

I wanted to protect Anonymous, the little kids wearing masks going in there and thinking they are fighting for justice, but all they are doing is walking into a police trap. So I have no idea who Fairhurst is, I have no idea who Justine King is or Robert Clapp.

That’s the name of the permit Lafayette Park it is in the name of Robert Clapp and he is affiliated with a military militia group it’s all over his Facebook page so I don’t know who these people are I don’t know if it’s a deliberate attempt by, who knows who, to discredit Anonymous. I don’t know but I wouldn’t doubt it.

Robles: So there is an active conspiracy going on to discredit Anonymous basically, right?

Sands: I can’t believe anybody would be so dumb unless it was intentional.

Robles: Christine, could you please tell us what kind of reaction are you getting from the public? I understand you are getting calls from all over the world all the time, and how is the organizing for the event going?

Sands: That’s wonderful. You are right, I’m getting calls from Germany, the UK, all of the United States. One day, for example, I had 61 phone calls come in and I couldn’t take them all so I just opened it up and called it the “Anonymous Conference Line” where people would come on and ask questions, and so many are taking initiatives.

I have gotten calls from other journalists and also from a colleague, I got a call from a San Francisco police department asking if we need to get any help. So definitely the word is out.

Funny thing is I just parked in this random place and somebody came up to me and said “Oh, I was just planning on going to the market. I can’t believe I found you here”.

They came up, they gave couple hundred of dollars cash to put in the gas tank and they want to help out. And there are many people who are just your everyday Americans, who are saying “I can’t believe the timing of this after the Government shut down” This is so right for the cause, so yes, it’s not just about a little random protest with a little bit of infighting in Anonymous. That’s absolutely nothing compared to what it really is about

There is a worldwide revolution coming together. And yes, Washington DC is important because we know there is a lot power and influence that respects the rest of the world. So yes, that’s important that we are talking to the right root cause.

Robles: Can you give us some details? I mean, it’s interesting that you said the San Francisco Police Department called and they wanted to help. That sounds extremely unusual. Can you give some details about that?

Sands: Yeah. What I have noticed in my life is that not every police officer is bad.

Political activists-some of them are doing great things and sitting down doing nothing minding their own business, and some unruly peacekeeper or officer will come and do something barbaric to them and then the whole police force gets a bad rap. But I don’t think in reality, that actually the way it is.

Although we do know that there is judicial corruption that is rampant, we do know that. But there are so many common everyday Americans that work for the government, or they work in the military, or they have a job on the police force and they don’t mean to be bad people and they are not bad spirited.I believe most people are good.

So at this time where Oath Keepers have emerged, active or retired military or police officers, they are very aware of what’s going on on November 5th, and they will have representatives, and they will be there and there are many Oath Keepers who are members that do support this event.

Robles: I see. About the variety of groups that are involved, now WikiLeaks what about the other groups? Anonymous…?

Sands:Yes The Pirate Party, as we know there are many paties. But they are aware, for example in Massachusetts, James O’Keefe "the Pirate", he is aware, and they are supportive.

I’ve gotten phone calls from Occupy, they are supportive, they are aware.

So I’ve heard one estimate 250,000 people coming to DC, I have no clue, I do not, so we’ll see when Tuesday rolls around.

I do know people who are flying in, bussing in, car-pooling in. People are willing to come from Washington State, to Washington DC.

So people are willing to take buses from Oklahoma, they are ready to come cross country even though there are many places that are closer to them, so why come to Washington?

Robles: I see. So you are saying right now a prediction of about 250,000 possibly?

Sands: All I know is that thatis one estimate that I’ve heard.

Robles: Any reaction from… How is the US media covering this? Any reaction from the US media or any negative reaction so far from law enforcement, have they been harassing you?

Sands: First of all with media, the media that I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten contacts from the Netherlands, Russia, not from the US. But again, they don’t like to cover this kind of stuff, they don’t want to bring attention to the stuff they’re letting slide by all day and all night.

Maybe they’ll be there, I don’t know. I was telling Law Enforcement: “Hey, there’s gonna be a clash! What are you guys gonna do about that? I don’t want anybody to get hurt. What you gonna do?”

I don’t want anybody to lead people who are oblivious to what’s going on, right into the hands of Law Enforcement, it’s not fair, you’ve got to educate everybody.

So at least they are, right now that they put up a couple of websites with their intentions to take Washington hostage. At least we know.

So now anybody who’s following them can go “well, I do want to do that or I don’t want to do that”. But don’t just put this surprise attack on everybody, you know because you think you run it, you own,and anybody who comes around asking you to do it a little bit differently you say "No"!

Law Enforcement has been very helpful but never anti.

Robles: If they are talking about, what you’ve just said, literally or figuratively or in any way, holding the President of the United States, there’s gonna lead to some serious problems I think.

Sands: Of course. Of course it will. And that’s why I put out a public disclaimer, I put out an advance disclaimer saying that "This is not an action of Anonymous or Oath Keepers".

And I want to make that very clear to protect the name of Anonymous, we are not doing this.

Robles: OK. So it looks

like we got a lot of intrigue building up as November 5th comes up and provocations going on and all kinds of things going on, right?

Sands: Yeah, but you know, I will say this, I don’t care what they throw at me I am willing to forgive everthing and unify. And I think that is what we should do.

So, I’m gonna be there, I’m willing to forgive. But I can’t stop them from trying to take Washington hostage.

Robles: So, Christine, you are probably the only Anon supporter who says "you forgive".

Sands: I know, I do. I forgive and I forget, because my memory sucks.

And that’s ok, because the beauty of Anonymous is there are no rules and there are no rulers.

You don’t have to wear a mask to be Anonymous and you can forgive.

Robles: So, Christine, if you can forgive and you can forget, can we expect you on November 5th or not?

Sands: Absolutely yes.

Robles: So

Sands: I’ll be there, I’ll forgive and I’ll forget ever and ever, even though all eyes will be on Washington on this attempted hostage takeover take over, remember that due process is what we are fighting for, you don’t just take somebody hostage until you are done with them.

Because that’s what they did to Bradley, we don’t like, that’s what they are doing to Julian, that’s what they are doing to Jeremy Hammond.

Not what we would want. I mean we can’t do the very thing we accuse them of doing. That’s the reason we are fighting them.

Robles: OK, Christine, thanks a lot for the update. I appreciate it and we’ll stay in touch as November 5th approaches.

Sands: Lovely, thank you.

Robles: Thanks a lot, dear, I appreciate that.

Sands: You are welcome.

You were listening to an interview with Christine Ann Sands. Thanks for listening and as always I wish you all the best wherever in the world you may be.

Advance Anonymous Disclaimer
Anonymous is a peaceful movement and is not affiliated with the rogue DC Citizen’s Action to take the United States President, Congress and US Supreme Court Justices Hostage.