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776 | Moscow: Western double standards lead to collapse of int’l law

Western double standards lead to collapse of int'l law - Moscow
Photo: RIA Novosti

Russian President’s Press Secretary has described the actions of Western countries over Ukraine "a triumph of double standards".

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"All in all, what we see happening now in and around Ukraine is such a triumph for lawlessness, a triumph for cynicism and a triumph of the collapse of international law, a triumph for double standards," Peskov said in an interview on Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyov’s program, a section of which was shown on the Rossiya-24 television channel.

"Our Western partners recognized the legitimacy of those who now refer to themselves as the leaders of Ukraine, despite the fact that these people came with the support of those who organized a coup," the president’s press secretary said.

"They rushed to recognize them as legitimate, insist on their legitimacy while completely denying the right of anyone else in Ukraine to take action at their discretion," Peskov said.

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"In the west and in the east – these are all the people of a united Ukraine, but sections of those people have been absolutely denied the right to self-determination, the right to a legitimate decision, the right to take action in defense of their own dignity and personal safety," he said. Regretfully, "the West is turning a blind eye to this," he added.

"And to our great regret, despite all  attempts by our president, his readiness to explain the Russian position effectively on a daily basis, we are still facing a wall of misunderstanding. This is quite sad, and more importantly, it is very bad from the viewpoint of further possible consequences," Peskov said.

Events in east Ukraine, Crimea have nothing to do with Russia – Moscow

Russian President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has urged people not to look for "the hand of Moscow" in protest actions in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. "What is happening in the east (of Ukraine) and Crimea has nothing to do with the Russian Federation. These are not manipulated processes, let alone the consequences of any action by Russia," Peskov said in an interview on Sunday Night with the Vladimir Solovyov program, a clip from which was shown on the Rossiya-24 television channel.

"On the contrary, Russia is a country that is being appealed to for help, and, as Putin rightly said, Russia is a country which, in this case, can by no means leave these processes without attention," he said.

"But the origin of these processes in Ukraine is internal," the Russian president’s press secretary said.

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