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782 | US gov’t wastes taxpayers‘ dollars, epic projects never take off

The US government is wasting taxpayers‘ dollars by taking on epic projects that will benefit society and never actually starting them. Countless hours are spent waiting for projects to be launched, but instead seem to be ignored by officials. In a new book, that has been noted as a must-read, Philip K. Howard’s author of The Rule of Nobody: Saving America From Dead Laws and Broken Government, takes an authentic look at how the US government is ruining society by the very way it operates.

It is noted that Howard is actually an attorney turned writer and is very outspoken with his remarks he makes about how government entities of America are out-of-sync with reality, as reported by The Daily Beast.The author also heads an organization called Common Good which looks to "overhaul governmental and legal systems to allow people to make sensible choices," as a non-profit establishment.

Throughout The Rule of Nobody, it gives updated reasons on why the government at all different levels has not just been on autopilot for the majority of the time but is on a course that will only lead to disaster. There are many concrete examples to show how ridiculous the US‘ "automatic government" entities are wasting millions of dollars and the taxpayers are the ones picking up the tab, more than half the time.

Detailed in a Daily Beast article, Howard illustrates the "Bayonne Bridge episode." This structure is 83 years old and is considered to be an "architectural masterpiece", spanning across the Kill Van Kull tidal strait and connecting the New York Harbor to the Port of Newark. A couple of years ago, the Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey noted that normal container ships that were able to travel across the Panama Canal would not quite fit under the 151-foot clearance of the Bayonne Bridge.

Naturally, the Port of Authority decided that an entirely new bridge or tunnel was needed that had a price tag of $4 billion, but nobody could come up with that chunk of change. One smart idea came through. By lifting up the road on the already built bridge by about 100 feet, this alteration to the massive structure was proposed. That seemed like the answer officials had been looking for, and would save $3 billion.

"That was 2009," Howard writes, as stated in a Daily Beast article, "At the beginning of 2013, the Port still lacked approval to start construction. Who, you might reasonably ask, has the authority to approve a project like this?" Answering that question is quite depressing, as Howard believes nobody holds the rights to approve such a project, at least not in "a deliberate or timely way," Howard admitted in a Daily Beast article.

Forty-seven permits are required from at minimum 19 different government agencies, including a safety review by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s review has been noted as redundant and a time waster. What is even more startling is the fact that President Obama, who believes this renovation to the bridge is one of the "seven essential port infrastructure projects," oversees the EPA but has no control over how fast it does its projects. A thick fog surrounds the answer over whether the bridge will be finished up by 2015. This will be the year when the Panama Canal opens up for business to allow in bigger and much taller container ships.

"Under current orthodoxy, the ideal government runs like a software program: Input the facts and out comes a decision," Howard writes out, according to The Daily Beast. In his book, Howard argues that the US government of today has taken out all possibilities for human intervention and responsible actions that could be put into play. He argues in a Daily Beast article that the result society is left with is not more just or a more predictable government body but a "form of tyranny."

So while government organizations are waiting on stand-by to launch projects and make progress, the truth of the matter is that loads of money is being wasted on waiting. It seems that when the waiting has ended, progress freezes up and instead questions are left unanswered, only creating even more confusion and more questions. "The fact that the tyrant is a bureaucratic blob instead of Birmingham police chief Bull Connor means that our freedom is smothered instead of subjugated at the point of a weapon," Howard states in a Daily Beast article. There is no telling how many other initiates, like the bridge project, have been subjected to long waiting periods for no concrete reason at all.

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