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809 | Putin: US loan guarantees to help Ukraine are worthless

US loan guarantees to help Ukraine are worthless - PutinPhoto: RIA Novosti

Washington’s offer to provide $1 billion in loan guarantees to help Ukraine is worthless as there are no banks willing to finance the recovery of crisis-hit country, President Vladimir Putin said Friday. Putin called Washington’s negative response to his letter addressed to European leaders, which contains proposals on how to solve the Ukrainian crisis, "a bit strange" as the United States was able so far only to offer guarantees rather than actual loans.

"What are these guarantees to the banks that would be ready to issue loans, but there are no such banks, which means there is no aid," Putin said at a meeting with members of Russia’s Security Council. "We are seriously concerned about this," he added.

Putin says Russia will fulfill its obligations to European gas clients

Russia will fully honor its obligations to supply natural gas to European partners, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"Russia is acting very neatly, very considerately and respectfully towards our partners. We will certainly guarantee in full the honoring of all our obligations to our European consumers. We are not the problem, the problem is ensuring transit via Ukraine," Putin said at a Russian Security Council session on Friday.

Putin calls Ukraine’s non-payment for consuming Russian gas ‚completely intolerant‘

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called the Ukrainea’s non-payment for gas consumption "completely intolerable." "The situation’s dramatization includes the fact that in the first quarter of this year [Ukraine] had the lowest gas prices, and even at those prices our Ukrainian partners stopped paying.

On April 7, there was another payment due according to the gas contract for March of this year. Out of the $540 million owed, not a single dollar or ruble was paid. Absolutely nothing, zilch," Putin said. "This is an absolutely intolerable situation," the president said.

Russian President urges Europe to help prevent economic ‚chaos‘ in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday urged Europe to help prevent Ukraine’s economy from "slipping into complete chaos."

"What is the current number-one problem? It is that Russia can’t carry this burden single-handed. It is for this reason that we have suggested to our European partners and friends that all of us meet as soon as possible and map out ways of support for the Ukrainian economy," Putin said at a meeting of Russia’s Security Council.

He said anyone who is a friend of Ukraine and loves the Ukrainian people should help prevent the country from defaulting on its debts.

"Dumplings in the Maidan can’t do the job. That’s not enough to prevent the Ukrainian economy from slipping into complete chaos," Putin said.

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