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810 | US denies visa to Iranian UN envoy, Russia nonplussed

US denies visa to Iranian UN envoy, Russia nonplussed© lafalott /cc-by-nc-sa 3.0

Russia has expressed "bewilderment" at the United States‘ denial of an entry visa to the new Iranian permanent representative to the United Nations, Hamid Aboutalebi. "This move, which represents a departure by the United States from its commitments as a country hosting the UN headquarters, cannot be seen as anything else than a means of political pressure from Washington on a UN member state," Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday, according to Interfax.

The ministry quoted the UN-US agreement of June 26, 1947, on the UN headquarters as saying: "Federal, state or local authorities of the United States shall not impose any impediments to transit to or from the headquarters district of: representatives of Members or officials of the United Nations."

The accord says, furthermore, that this provision, which is part of its Section 11, "shall be applicable irrespective of the relations existing between the Governments of the persons referred to in that section and the Government of the United States," the ministry pointed out. "One more reason for our anxiety is that such conduct impedes the normal routine of the United Nations," it said.

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