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829 | Deutsche Medien fremdgesteuert? – Geheimer Staatsvertrag vom 21.05.1949

Der Linke-Politiker Diether Dehm wirft deutschen Medien vor, im Ukraine-Konflikt unter dem Einfluss von Geheimdiensten zu stehen. Der Bundestagsabgeordnete verwies auf Berichte, wonach amerikanische und andere Dienste schon während der Golfkriege über V-Leute und Lobbyisten deutsche Medien instrumentalisiert hätten.

„Meine Meinung ist, dass das nicht besser geworden ist“, sagte Dehm. „Es ist seit dem ersten Golfkrieg schlimmer geworden.“ Welche Medien er konkret unter Geheimdienst-Einfluss sieht, sagte Dehm nicht.

Dehm, der zum ganz linken Flügel seiner Partei gehört, hatte seine Mutmaßungen zunächst im staatlichen russischen Auslandssender Voice of Russia geäußert, worüber „Spiegel online“ berichtete.


by Alina Malinovskaya

Some German media influenced by US secret services – German MP

Some German media influenced by US secret services - German MP © Photo:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is quietly pursuing a more conciliatory course with Russia, a shift that reflects a strategy to protect national business interests. The Voice of Russia talked to Diether Dehm MP (Germany’s Left party (Die Linke), treasurer of the European Left, spokesperson on EU matters.

Did this move come as a surprise for the two sides involved in the negotiations or was it a well-planned move?

I think it was surprising as many things are surprising to us and true to them also. I don’t think they have a planned strategy. It is more confused operation, and it is confusing too. And I think that they speak with split tongue, as we call it in German. They were on the side of some very terroristic people on the Maidan and now they are against them when they raise in the Eastern Ukraine.

How important is this agreement for Russia? There was a business agreement of exporting the satellite equipment. Do you believe that Russia will suffer most from this decision? Mrs. Merkel said because of the Crimea she will stop the trade relationship with Russia in this regard.

I do not know exactly how important it is for Russia. I am a politician and a businessman too, I speak with many entrepreneurs and businessmen, and they think it is necessary to have a good level with the Russian side and not to disturb it in any way.

Will Airbus Group’s interests be affected as well?

I think that the Germans in the moment are more driven than driving, so they on the one side know that it is necessary to find way back towards good negotiation basis, and on the other side they are driven by the media. Some media are influenced by secret services of the US and of other secret services. They are working very nearly together with them. And at the moment some of them want to deepen the conflict and so the media are driving the government. I think that Mrs. Merkel herself is cool enough to be able to calculate the consequences of the damage of disturbing of economical basis.

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