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884 | Transnistrien: Rogosin spricht Klartext

Voice of Russia

Chisinau has reacted inadequately to the participation of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in celebrations in Transdniestria amid the anniversary of the Great Patriotic War victory, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

„Moscow considers the reaction of Chisinau – to the participation of the Russian delegation headed by Rogozin in celebrations in the city of Tiraspol commemorating the 69th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 – to be inadequate,“ the Russian Foreign Ministry posted a statement on its website.

„The statements on the allegedly one-sided character of this trip have no grounds,“ the document said.

„Moldova is well-aware of the fact that meetings in Chisinau did not take place solely due to the schedule of the Moldovan authorities – Russia has made statements in advance on the readiness to hold them,“ the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

„We consider the action taken by the Moldovan law enforcement authorities in the Chisinau airport towards the luggage of the Russian delegation to be unlawful. Such actions contradict generally recognized international practices and statements of the Moldovan authorities on the constructive mindset in their relations with Russia,“ the statement said.

„We insist that official Chisinau stop such unfriendly actions,“ the Russian Foreign Ministry said, Interfax reports.

Moscow to revise relations with Moldova if it strikes association deal with EU – Russian Deputy PM

Russia may revise economic relations with Moldova if the latter signs an association agreement with the European Union, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said. „I will insist on a revision of our economic relations with Moldova if it decides to associate,“ Rogozin said in an interview published by the newspaper Kommersant on Monday.

„The former relationship will be over. I am positive that association with the EU will alter the neutral status of Moldova. There is a certain rule all NATO members are aware of: you have to join NATO before entering into the EU. This rule will not be changed for Moldova. All countries have passed [this procedure]. So, association with the EU is the moment when Moldova grabs the handle of the NATO door. This door will open tomorrow,“ the deputy prime minister said.

Rogozin stressed that Russia did not launch any pressure on Moldova.

„Our reaction is offered post factum. Moldovan politicians took the first step. So far, they have been leading Moldova away from Russia and we cannot understand that [policy],“ the deputy prime minsiter said.

As to whether Russia may introduce a visa regime with Moldova, Rogozin said, „Anything is possible.“

At the same time, the Russian deputy prime minister said that Russia would welcome Moldova’s affiliation with the Customs Union.

Transdniestrian petitions for recognition of self-proclaimed republic are in Moscow – Russian Deputy PM

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has said that most of the petitions of residents of Transdniestrian for the recognition of the self-proclaimed Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic have been brought to Moscow.

„The petitions of Transdniestrians for the recognition of their republic are in Moscow. The Moldovan special services that detained and searched our aircraft in Chisinau ended up with only a small part of the cargo. We took care of most of the cargo. The Russian delegation also brought home the message of Transdniestrians to the leadership of Russia. And even though it has sooner symbolic than legal sense, it is important for us now,“ Rogozin wrote in Facebook on Sunday.

„One way or the other Chisinau’s provocation will have serious consequences for our bilateral relations,“ he added.

The Moldovan authorities confirmed the seizure of petitions for the recognition of Transdniestrian from the jet on which Rogozin was returning from Tiraspol to Moscow.

„The documents were detained by the relevant bodies of the Republic of Moldova for a check of their lawfulness in accordance with acting legislation. The private visit to the Republic of Moldova of Russian Vice Premier Dmitry Rogozin who was accompanied by a group of State Duma deputies and a member of the Russian government was marked by declarations of provocative nature regarding the Republic of Moldova,“ a statement of the Moldovan Foreign Ministry says.

Earlier a United Russia Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlyov told Interfax that over 30,000 petitions from residents of Transdniestria in support of unification with Russia were seized from Rogozin’s aircraft that was delayed in Chisinau given the refusal of Ukraine to allow its flight over Ukrainian territory.

Earlier reports said that Duma deputies and Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky who accompanied Rogozin during Victory Day festivities on Friday in Moldova’s breakaway Transdniestrian province were denied permission to fly across Ukraine to Moscow. Rogozin returned to Moscow on a public scheduled flight.

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